Las Vegas Baby.

To kick into laaa2017 the right way my sister and I decided to start the journey in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, and if that doesn’t sound cool enough we got to see our favorite band Maroon 5  in new years ave. I had never seen Maroon 5 in concert ever so it was really exciting. I also haven’t been in Vegas for a long time and only been to Las Vegas ones,  so it was awesome to go back and see new things now that I’m older. We stayed three days.

On The Road.


 The drive was rIMG_4400eally long we had to wake up at 4 am to get to Las Vegas like at 10 am. We are in LA so it was like a 6-7 hour drive, that is if we don’t get any traffic. So we got on the freeway exactly at 4:20 am. We obviously just listen to Maroon 5 songs on the way. I was really excited on my way to Las Vegas because I was finally going to see my favorite band in concert and that was just unreal for me and exciting. when we arrived there we were super tired and ready to just sleep, but we could sleep all day because it was freaking Las Vegas and the concert was that night, so we got there like at 12 but hey surprise our check-in time was 2 pm but because we were so tired, we just paid extra to check in early and take a nap before getting ready for the concert.IMG_4402

The Concert.

The show was incredible, it felt unreal. I was singing along to every single song with all my lungs, I was singing so much that the next day I couldn’t speak but it was worth it. Adam Levine was amazing they did acapella version of Maps. Acoustic version of my favorite song She Will Be Loved that song almost made me cry. I was actually suprise that I didnt cry the whole concert.

For My outfit, I got a really Vegas theme dress. that was gold and black. It made me feel like old fashion movie star. I love it. For the end of the day I actually started 2017 eating a personal size cheese pizza in my bed, in my hotel room. I think that was the perfect start and end.

Love Bella,








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