Finals Part II & Last.

Still surviving finals with my friends, But they are finally done.

We Can Do It !

15153020_1128365083883731_536768264_oWe have been really stressed out because of all the work we have to get done. So on Friday to finish up our project together, We decided to go to a  place call Bastet Cat Coffee yes a Cat coffee. It was super cute and the awesome part about the place is that all the cats that are in the coffee shop can be adopted and they all have been rescued from the streets. We honestly did get a little distracted because of the kitties, but we did almost finish up all our work but we just need to eat something before we finished everything up.

Japanese Food @OtakuCoffee

My friend Andy and I discovered an anime otaku restaurant close by the cat coffee shop the other day so we decided to tell Alec if she wanted to try out the ramen in the Japanese place and she said yes so we had lunch in there and everything was really good.we each got a different dish so we can try most of the things on the menu. I am totally going back to that place to try out some more of their food.

Cine de Tonala Coffee.

After 15145036_1128364717217101_593247122_owe were done eating we finish up our project and had a little walk in the downtown area after all we were already here so why not. I personally love downtown Tijuana because of all the different places and colors. some people think is just all bars and night clubs but there is also nice coffee shops,  restaurants and different types of shops. We for the first time went inside a new cinema that they made, where they only show Mexican films and independent movies. So you won’t see any of the movies they normally show on cinemas. the place was amazing and cozy but elegant they also have a coffee shop on the bottom floor and on the top floor they have a nice place to just chill,  there was tables and couches so you can do homework, have meetings  and look at the view of the street. they also had an amazing art display where you can see the different presidents of the United States of America and of Mexico that worked together and didn’t affect immigrants the way trumps wants to.15102179_1128364993883740_1963705606_o



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