Bff Weekend.






My best friend and I decided to have a sleepover like the old times.






Friday September 30th 2016.

The craziest ideas are the best ones.


So I got to her house on Friday like about 4:30 pm because we had a crazy idea of getting tattoos or get a nose piercing… yes we are a little crazy but hey that’s one of the reasons why BFFs exists so you don’t  do crazy stuff alone. so we decided on a tattoo but were not sure if we could afford it so we decided that the nose piercing was better. we headed over to downtown to find a nice spot to do it. But the guy in the shop we went to was super slow and we didn’t have time to wait for him so we just got the nose piercing pieces and decided to bounce out of there. yes, it sucked no tattoo and no piercing so we just headed back home devastated, disappointment and sad.

So anyway we couldn’t wait for the guy because we had to go back home so we could  get ready to meet some friends in “La Plaza” that’s a place where they have a bunch of different bars, we were super late but still our friends didn’t really minded that we were a little late.

We had a great time we played truth or dare and never have I never in a bar call  “El Depa” that is “the apartment” in English, This is funny in one of the dears we had to all sing the Mexican anthem out load altogether and couldn’t mess up, so we did and the people in the bar looked at us like wtf… But then started singing along with us. I honestly didn’t expect that but I think it was really cool. So ones we got bored of playing that we headed over to the other bar call “Fresco” that is “Fresh” in English, I know we have weird names for bars but it’s unique I guess. we dance the night away with a lot of throwback 90’s songs. my friends and I couldn’t stop dancing because we were having such a great time or maybe just a little too drunk.




Saturday October 1st.

Brunch Brunch!!

& Chill.


We woke up like at 12 pm so we were really hungry and really lazy to make ourselves brunch and decided to go out. so we took a shower and got ready to rush over to the food truck place and had way too much to eat. It was a really nice brunch date we goofed around like usual and couldn’t stop dancing of how excited we were to eat brunch that is how hungry we were. so ones we were done, we walked a little in town and later went home. to just chill and watch some videos on youtube. I honestly really missed Mayte it had been so long since we had such a great time together and also did a sleepover like this. she has been my Best friends since six grade is crazy we met as little girls that loved high school musical and now we are 20 years old and still love high school musical. I am 100% sure that this friendship is truly forever.

Always have in mind who your best friends are because they help you go through life.

Love Bella, 


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