What we want.

Sometimes we have no idea of what we want to do with our life but at the same time we know exactly what we want and were we want to be.


We have a really clear idea of the type o partner we want to be the rest of our life with. at the end of the day we end up giving our hearts to someone not even close to the person we want and deserve. I like to believe in the idea that there is someone out in the world especially made for us to meet and to have the so call “Happily Ever After”. But how long do we have to wait to meet that especial someone? will it be worth it?. Sometimes it feel like life is been wasted waiting for someone, maybe I haven’t fall in love and probably not even found the one but I believe that at the end it will all be worth it.

People don’t believe in Love, They are In Love with Love.

Because it is such a wonderful feeling and stage of mind that makes you want to be happy, smile and live.

Love Bella, 


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